Alex Latham

 How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach?  

"My cousin arrived at Virginia Tech one year before me and came to accept Christ through her time with Campus Outreach! That following year was my first year at VT, and she was quick to welcome me into the community. It wasn't until I participated in the New Year's Conference (mostly because my cousin forgot to invite me to the first couple months of events with CO), though, that sealed the deal for me and my love of learning more about God with Campus Outreach."

Describe your role as campus staff at Virginia Tech?  

"It's been a privilege to be the Women's Coordinator at VT. My role is versatile but mainly focuses on the women's side of the movement. I have the unique opportunity to share my life with these girls, study the Bible with them, pray with them and for them, and watch God's love for them change the way they view themselves, their Heavenly Father and the world around them."

 What was your favorite memory playing ultimate Frisbee at Virgina Tech?  

"Wow. Hard to pick one! I think my favorite memory was one tournament night in particular where several of my teammates (about 10 of us in one room) finally asked about my faith and how I came to be the person I am now. They gave me the floor for just a few minutes to clearly explain what I believed. It was awesome! On a different note, as a handler (thrower) in Ultimate I also loved the feeling of throwing a well-timed disc for a cutter (runner) to receive  - so simple but seriously thrilling."

What are three words that describe you?  

"Rambunctious, Herculean, Loyal."