Anna Culpepper

Describe your dual role with Campus Outreach as office staff and campus staff.  "I will be sharing my time in ministry by working on the campus of Randolph College and in the office, which is conveniently within walking distance of Randolph. I will focus my efforts primarily towards building relationships, planning events, and doing ministry at Randolph while fulfilling any needs that come up in the office. The needs of the office do not require a full time commitment however, they are still present and need to be completed. My role in the office will be to help further the ministry of campus outreach by completing these tasks and offering assistance in any way I can."

What are three words that describe you?  "Learner, Ocean, Free."

What interests you about Marine Biology?  "Biology is beautiful. Look outside, look up, look down, eat a pizza, and there she is. Go to the beach, on a hike, sit by a stream or in a bed of flowers- close your eyes and listen, there she is. Take a deep breath of air, blink rapidly, laugh loudly, dance to your favorite song, and there she is, keeping you alive. Biology is everywhere. I have a passion for the environmental ecosystems, seen and unseen (macro and micro), that keep this world functioning and that share their lives with us so that we might live more fully. I feel a strong desire to learn more about our environment in order to protect it. The Lord made a wonderfully beautiful place for us to dwell and then gave us dominion over it. I want to research with the hope of learning how to better care for the places we live (temporarily for now) and educate with the hope of encouraging proper stewardship of this great gift and privilege we have."  What’s the biggest thing you learned about yourself and/or other people when you were an RA at Randolph College? "I learned how to listen. All of my residents came from different backgrounds and experiences before coming to Randolph College, where we met each other for the first time. I learned that to be their RA was to meet them where they were at by listening to their past, their experiences, their likes and dislikes, and how they have fun. It was though these times in the dorms that we were able to start making present memories and shared experiences, which were so fun! Though the job brought a fair amount of trials, I learned that if we had this relationship to fall back on, there was a mutual trust and respect which brought us to a common level of understanding. Thankful to be in this role for two years at Randolph."