Chip and Katie Cowsert


How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach?  "I had heard of Campus Outreach because my brother was involved as a student at North Georgia but I had no idea it was at Virginia Tech until the summer before my fifth year. I was set up on a blind date with a guy who was part of CO at another school and told me that it had started up at VT."

What was your first memory of Chip?  "My first memory of Chip was at a Campus Outreach bowling night. Chip still claims it was a costume bowling night but he and the staff guy at the time were the only two dressed up and I THINK he was supposed to be a golfer but I'm still not sure :)"

What was it like growing up in a military family? "I loved growing up as an Army brat. It was always an adventure, I met tons of great people, got to see lots of cool places, and learned so much from watching my parents lead, serve, and sacrifice for our country and family and other families they served alongside."

What are three words that describe you?  "Intense Crime-Shows."


You’ve been known to run a mile or two..or thirty. What do you think about all that time when you're running for long distances?  "This will sound lame, but most of the time that I’m running, I’m thinking about running.  I try to make sure that I’m going at the right effort for that day’s training.  I think about upcoming workouts and races.  I’m trying to take shorter and faster strides.  Eventually, I find a rhythm and don’t have to think too much.  That’s when I start praying for my family and for my day.  Running has been a big blessing for my emotional health, I’m really thankful for it."

Explain the “Cowsert Code”.  The ‘Cowsert Code’ is made up of the four goals that our family live for.  Katie and I wanted it to be deep enough to build our lives around but simple enough for small children to memorize.  We use it to make decisions, improve our marriage, and train our kids.  Lottie, our two year old, loves to chant it!  “We’re COWSERTS!  We love GOD!  We love EACH OTHER!  We help PEOPLE!  And we have FUN!!!”

You are obviously gifted in public speaking. What is your favorite topic to discuss.  "My natural communication style is probably storytelling.  As a kid, it was “fibbing”.  Occasionally, it’s “exaggerating”.  But at my best, I tell stories that show Biblical truths actually governing the world we live in.  God really does answer prayers.  People really do turn from their sin.  Lives really are being transformed.  It’s hard to hear stories like that and not want to go looking for what the Lord is up to."

What are three words that describe you?  "Loud, Scrawny, Sports."