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How many books did you read last year? "Mmmm...hard to count that! My guess would be between 20-30."

How did Evan ask you to marry him? "I was living in Charlotte at the time, so Evan drove from Lynchburg to pop the question! He worked it out with my boss to come get me from work early, and we drove to a nearby park for what I thought was just a surprise date. We walked around the park for a little bit, and he told me he loved me for the first time right before he asked me to marry him. We had a great time afterwards reminiscing through pictures from all of our dates, and then celebrated with dinner later that evening."

How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach? "Matt and Julia Bradner moved to Lynchburg the summer right after I graduated from high school. That summer, I met with Julia Bradner a few times and expressed my desire to stay connected to a Christian community when I went to Elon University in the Fall. Julia told me Campus Outreach was also at Elon, and was able to connect me with the staff girl there. The staff girl at the time, Amy, came to meet me as I was moving into my dorm, and so I was involved with Campus Outreach at Elon from day one of my Freshman year!"

What are three words that describe you? "organized, quite, compassionate."


What’s your favorite memory involving off-shore fishing?  "That's a hard question because I have many! However, one of my favorites is the first time I caught a white marlin. I was in college, and it was a fish that I had wanted to catch for a long time."

You were instrumental in the Campus Outreach ministry launch at Lynchburg College. What did you do to get students interested in the ministry?  

Describe your role as Resource Director.  "My role is one of stewardship. I seek to help distribute money, Bible studies, and other resources to help make our campus staff more effective and positioned well to do their jobs."

What are three words that describe you? "hard-working, reliable, outdoorsy."