Evan Grey

How did you come to faith and who was apart of that process?

I started going to CO weekly meetings and other events in 2014 knowing that I wasn’t a Christian, and just wanted to investigate the claims of Christianity because I knew I didn’t know much. Cam Colquitt would always meet up with me once a week and share a verse in God’s word where he’d ultimately tell me the gospel. Through 2 years of hearing this message, but having no desire to live for it or no heart change to believe it, I ended up going to Summer Beach Project in 2016, to show myself that through this 8-week Christian growth experience, I still couldn’t become a Christian. The Lord saved me halfway through the project! The Lord used Cam’s faithfulness, along with other men (Lucas Kane, Josh Coble, and Nick Na) in leading me to Christ.

Where does your great sense of style come from? Any inspirations?

It’s honestly a mystery of where my unique fashion sense (if we must call it that) comes from. I’ve never been that stylish of a person, nor really cared about my style or what I wore. I began shopping heavily at Goodwill in college and quickly discovered some really funky old threads that I had no shame in wearing. Through much verbal affirmation from friends (though not so much from family, but they’ve come to respect it) my confidence sky rocketed and I haven’t turned back since! Last year was all about the cardigans and tape measures clipped to your hip, but 2019 will be filled with tucked in sweaters.

What do you love about cats?

I really love cats!! Kali and Boo, if you’re reading this I miss you and I hope you’re safe. There’s so much to love about them, but I think what I love most is how cuddly they can be. A dog will like anyone, but you know you’ve done something when a cat trusts you and sleeps with you every night. I enjoy the sneaky disposition of cats too! They always keep me on my toes.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Goofy, fearless, & driven