James Fitzgerald


Being an education major, what would be your favorite grade to teach?  "Favorite grade by far to teach would be kindergarten. I’ve taught several grades, but kindergarten is by far my favorite and the most fun to teach. Those kids are always full of surprises and always find a way to bring a smile to your face no matter how bad they are behaving."

Is there any correlation between your having an epic beard and being campus staff at Radford University, which interestingly enough claims the Highlander as its official mascot? "The Beard has been a staple in my life for about 5 years now. At first, it came around due to extreme laziness and not wanting to shave. But as I look back now I can see that it was all in preparation for my time at Radford. Sometimes things just kind of work out, but I think me at Radford with the beard was just meant to be"

How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach?  "I first got involved with Campus Outreach my Sophomore year of college. I had just transferred in to Randolph College and met a Senior on the basketball team (Cam Colquitt), who invited me to come to the weekly meeting. I wasn’t going to go until a couple of the other new players said they were going to go. I’m now on staff with Campus Outreach and I’m working with the guy who invited me to the first meeting."

 What are three words that describe you?  "Grizzly, Thoughtful, Quiet."