Julius Thomas

What do you miss most about being a college athlete?  "I miss my teammates. Being able to grow with them and suffer with them was one of the best experiences."

 How did you ask Sarah to marry you?  "The Short version is...I went to Philly on Valentines weekend and spent the weekend with her and told her that I had to leave on Valentines day for a CO event. Instead of leaving I actually went to her sisters house and hung out their. She went to Church with her sister's family and when she came back here sister showed her a slide show that I made her upstairs. The slide show was pictures of firsts in our relationship and at the end it said "Come outside for your real present". So when she came down stairs I surprised and proposed." 

You are essentially the Christian Hip Hop expert of Campus Outreach Lynchburg. Who is your favorite artist?  "Shai Linne of course, my favorite rap group is The Cross Movement."

What are three words that describe you?  "Chill, Relational, Introverted."