Ketreena Ruth

How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach?

I am originally from Hyderabad, India and came to America to do my master’s in business at Liberty University (LU). I was born and raised in a Christian family and my parents never failed to share with me about their faith in Jesus. God worked in my heart and I understood the gospel when I was in India. I saw Liberty University on YouTube and dreamt about doing my master’s here (US). I asked the Lord if he could fulfill that desire, and He sure did. In 2015, When I first came to America, I performed at a small event and so did Ashley Johnson (CO staff) after me. We met, and she invited me to a weekly meeting on campus. I was praying for a community just a week before that and later realized CO was an answer to my prayers. God has used CO to grow me in my love for himself and to equip me for ministry.

In what ways are you excited to reach International students at Liberty?

International students often feel the pressure to change themselves to fit in a new culture. They sometimes can feel lonely because they are thousands of miles away from their families. I was one and so I know how important it was for me to find a loving community. I’m excited to go on campus, build relationships, love on them and most importantly share about the hope we all have in Jesus Christ.

Where did your love of singing come from?

My dad is a well-known Christian Music director in South India and worked as a music director for a ministry called Trans World Radio (TWR). My sister and I grew up listening to him and my mom make music, play instruments and sing. As a musical family, we love to sing, write songs and praise God together. Even though I love to dance and love theater the most, I get my love for singing from my family.

Describe yourself in 3 words

ENFP, Resilient, quirky