Matt & Julia Bradner


What is the largest sized group you have ever spoken to?  

"A few years back I led a New Year's Eve devotion and prayer at the CO National Conference for around 6,000 people. This past January I had the privilege of speaking three times at the Winter Conference of a different college ministry. There were around 4,000 people present there.  It is always exciting to think about how God can use those catalytic events to spark lasting change in perspective and lifestyle."

What is your favorite memory from your college soccer days?  

"I was fortunate to play on some great teams during my run at UNC Charlotte. Our most memorable season was during my sophomore campaign. We were ranked as high as #2 in the nation and advanced to the National Semifinals."

How did you first get involved with Campus Outreach?  

"During my freshman year of college I met a guy named Joe. His life quickly intrigued me and before I knew it he was sharing with me about what it meant to be a Christian.  Even though I didn't know it at first, I would soon come to find out that Joe was on staff with Campus Outreach. I ended up becoming a Christian late in first semester of my freshman year, largely connected to the influence that Joe had on my life."

What are three words that describe you the most?  "Relational, Positive, Witty."


Aside from helping Matt in campus ministry, what other area of ministry do you and Matt involve yourself in?

 "Training up our 5 children is a main priority and passion of my heart. This also overlaps in a marriage and family ministry that Matt and I lead called, Nourish and Cherish. We've been leading retreats and seminars that focus on igniting a passion and commitment for the ongoing health of your marriage and family culture."

You co-founded Kidz Kraze, the largest consignment sale in Lynchburg. What originally got you excited about founding this large community event?  

"What lead me to begin Kidz Kraze was the reality that our community didn't have this sort of service to offer. Not only does the event provides financial benefits for hundreds by allowing them to make money, but also save money through providing merchandise at a fraction of retail price. In addition to that, Kidz Kraze is able to give back to many charities and sponsor children in need in our very own local schools. One of my favorite thing about the business is the relationships that we have built with the hundreds of shoppers and consignors over the last 6 years."

What is your first memory of Matt?   

"My first memory of Matt was when I saw him at a church service and was struck by how intent he was listening and taking notes. The first memory of him through interaction was when we were paired up on a team to play a card game "kemps", he was very funny and strategic in how we played. I immediately liked him!"

What are three words that describe you?

 "Encouraging, orderly and passionate."