Brandon & Sarah Miller


What pitch were you known for when you played baseball at Lynchburg College?  

"If you ever find yourself around someone affiliated with Lynchburg Baseball and mention my name, it is a good possibilty that "the Frisbee" will come up. What once was referred to as a curveball, quickly turned into "the Frisbee" my freshman year because of the movement of my abnormally slow curveball."

What was it like growing up in a small town?

"You learn to find unique ways to entertain yourself and become very thankful for a brother of a similar age and interests in a place like Vesuvius, VA. It also makes your first experience in a large city like Washington D.C. or Moscow, Russia that much cooler. I never really appreciated the simplicity of a small town in the mountains until I had moved away and recognize what a peaceful place it really is."

You’ve been known to cut a rug or two on the dance floor. What is your favorite dance move?

"Dancing is one of my favorite things, particularly line and swing dancing. I like all dance moves, but one of my goes to moves when I hear a good 50's swing song is the 'Double Pretzel'."

What are three words that describe you?

"Goofy, Gregarious, BMillz"